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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' June 1 edition

Listen to last Friday's regular business and economy segment on "America Now" with the redoubtable Andy Dean. It was a terrible day for the American worker, as the Labor Department's jobs report showed that we added a thoroughly anemic 69,000 jobs in May — and revised the April numbers down to 77,000 from an already not-very-good 115,000. 

Andy and I basically agreed that this is dismal and that some changes have to be made. We differ slightly on execution. 

In other news, we discussed public pensions and the Wisconsin gubenatorial recall vote, plus Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York and his campaign against Very Large Sugary sodas.

A fun segment with some snappy back and forth!

We won't be doing the show this coming Friday, but we'll back the week after. So tune in live then!

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