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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' August 10 edition

Listen in to the DeBord Report, from last Friday's segment.
Listen in to the DeBord Report, from last Friday's segment.

For whatever reason, I've been neglecting to post my Friday economy segment from "America Now with Andy Dean" on schedule on...Monday! Will fix that, but this actually provides me with a good reason to remind you, dear readers (And listeners!) that Andy and I will be talking all things business tomorrow, Friday, at 4pm PT. Listen live if you can!

Last week, we got to talk about, among other things, my deep affection for the IRS and my belief that simplifying the U.S. tax code is political misdirection and that what we really need to do is make the tax code more complex. Andy was stunned into near silence by this. Well, not really. But he did give me the chance to make my case in a context other than this blog.

We also dicussed harrassment in the workplace — the government workplace. Against men. And we took some shots at Goldman Sachs. 

All in all, a lively discussion, as usual. Listen to the segment! You'll come away with new respect for the taxman!

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