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Big Bird doesn't need PBS — he has Kickstarter!

Waves of support and concern for the large iconic yellow Muppet have washed toward Sesame Street since Wednesday night's first Presidential debate, when Mitt Romney told moderator Jim Lehrer that although he loves both him and Big Bird, if he were in the Oval Office, they'd be...


So let's say Romney wins and gets his way. Big Bird is out of a job, along with the rest of the Muppets. They might do okay, because as we learned earlier this year, the Muppets are clients of Goldman Sachs, the very investment bank that has been accused of using the term "muppets" to refer derisively to clients.

Meanwhile, Big Bird might not really have anything to worry about. 



As it turns out, "I Am Big Bird," a proposed feature-length documentary about the life and times of Carroll Spinney, the man behind the feathers — actually, inside the feathers — since 1969 successfully raised $124,114 on Kickstarter. An outfit called Copper Pot Pictures is behind the project.

So Romney, should victory be his, can go ahead and take away Big Bird's millions.

Because Big Bird can always the people!

I guess you could say that, because PBS relies on member support, Big Bird is already crowfunded and always has been. But hey...Kickstarter is the membership drive of the 21st century.

(Spinney is one impressive Muppeteer. In addition to being Big Bird, he's also been Oscar the Grouch since sunny days first started sweeping the clouds away.)

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