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DeBord Report LA Businessperson of the Year Award goes to...Elon Musk!

Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO is the DeBord Report's 2012 L.A. Businessperson of the Year!
Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO is the DeBord Report's 2012 L.A. Businessperson of the Year!
Photo Credit: SpaceX

On Tuesday, I announced that today (Thursday) the DeBord Report would be naming its 2012 L.A. Businessperson of the Year. To bring readers into the discussion, we also launched a poll, so that you good folks  could vote for the two candidates:

Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who bought the team for $430 million and sold it for...$2 billion!

Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has created a market for high-end electric cars, opened the era of private space flight, and has declared his intention to retire on Mars.

First the results of the voting: It's Musk by a landslide: 91 percent versus only about 8 percent for McCourt. BUT that's still 8 percent for McCourt! So maybe he isn't as widely loathed as some thought.

One percent chose, as far as I can tell, Mickey Mouse. Someone always has to vote for Mickey Mouse...

But now it's my turn to name the winner and he is...

Elon Musk!

He certainly has his detractors, including some who offered their thoughts in the comments on Thursday's post. But it's tough to argue that he hasn't had a pretty stupendous year. Electric cars. Private space. A solar venture that's proving to be an anti-Solyndra and that should undertake an IPO before the end of the year.

So congratulations to Musk, a visionary in the mold of Howard Hughes who calls L.A. home and who has, against the odds, redefined how we think about the future.

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