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DeBord Report morphs into The Breakdown

Nothing gold can stay, the poet once said. And so it goes with blogs.

The DeBord Report, after almost two years of serving up a steady stream of analysis, insight, commentary and reportage on the economy of Southern California and beyond, will be hanging up its spikes (just in time for Google Reader to ride into the sunset).

I wrote nearly 1,500 posts. You read, commented and shared. It was a beautiful friendship, played out in the worlds of business and economics.

This was the third blog I grew from sapling to, if not towering redwood, then at least study timber in the forest that is the blogosphere. Writing a daily blog, especially about business, economics and finance, is intellectually demanding.

Lots of numbers. Lots of math. Lots of charts. Lots of thorny concepts, like “negative externality” and “information arbitrage.”

But lots of good stories, too. Solyndra. The Dodgers sale. Libertarian hedge fund guys in L.A. Cities going bankrupt left and right. Bitcoin. Apple. The Los Angeles City Zoo. And I still get misty when I think of all the things I had to say about how great the IRS is...

It was all good fun, and worry not — my reporting continues in our new blog, "The Breakdown," and on KPCC-FM.

(Editors Note: "The Breakdown" begins Monday, March 25 and will feature Southern California business and economy stories.)