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Poll: What would you like to see happen to Fresh & Easy?

This L.A. Fresh & Easy grocery was store was one of the first of 16 opened in the U.S. But the chain's British parent company Tesco said Wednesday it will sell the U.S. stores.
This L.A. Fresh & Easy grocery was store was one of the first of 16 opened in the U.S. But the chain's British parent company Tesco said Wednesday it will sell the U.S. stores.
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Fresh & Easy’s parent company, Tesco, said Wednesday that it's selling the grocery chain because it can no longer support its sagging sales.

This includes 70 stores in Southern California, as well as stores in Nevada and Arizona. And while Fresh & Easy may no longer be the stores' owner, the chain insists that it isn't closing their doors just yet. Some have speculated that another company — such as Trader Joe's — might purchase the chain.

Are you a Fresh & Easy customer? Are you sad the company is selling its stores? Take our poll, and see what our Facebook fans have to say below.


Here's what our Facebook fans have to say. Join in the conversation.


Some would be sad to see Fresh & Easy go: 


I too am a huge fan of F&E and hate to see them close. It was the one place a single girl could buy fresh food for reasonable prices without having to buy more than I can eat in a month. Not everyone's trying to feed a family of 6. —Megan Rabone


Oh no! I enjoy this company's products and it's close to my house. —Lydia Santa Cruz: 


I'm another Eagle Rock Blvd. Fresh and Easy fan. I like the self check out, lots of organic products, easy parking. I hope they find a way to stick around. —Jonathan Miertschin


We do most of our shopping there. Great generic and national brand selection. Their rewards program offers great deals and coupons. Baked goods from il fornaio, produce was packaged in convenient sizes. Their quick meals are also yummy and the checkouts are fun to use. Don't see what the fuss about no cashier's is... Do people also miss elevator and telephone operators? Scanning/bagging isn't that difficult. —David González

I love Fresh and Easy, it's my every day go to grocer. I'm a working mom seeking healthy no brainer organic choices that don't break the bank. I live in an area with a Whole Foods (more expensive), a Trader Joes (less freshly made options and check out takes longer), Ralph's (produce is disgusting) and Bristol Farms (way too pricey). I love that their F&E brand milk is organic and the 50 percent off sale on nearly expired items each day. Delicious salads! —Julia Sommer Ramirez 


Others could care less: 


It bothered me that their employees tried very hard to have a union and they were not allowed to. And the self checkout was awful. —Nate Miller 

I didn't like the one near me; all of their produce went bad the day after you'd purchase it and all of their pre-cooked store brand foods had shared equipment with peanuts (which are deadly to me). —Shelly Haggerty 


Many would welcome a Trader Joe's rebrand: 


 I know people who really like F&E, I never got it. TJ's has a proven formula and I've never seen one of their stores fail. More locations would be welcome. —Judy Gasik


I teach in South Central and we would love a TJs to replace the FE on Central. My students love the snacks I bring from Traders! —Nicolle Fefferman


The closest TJs is five miles away, and the parking lot can accommodate 8 cars (I'm almost not kidding on that one). We need them to take over the F&E at Orangethorpe and Euclid in Fullerton - plenty of parking and a badly needed TJs for the area! —Jennifer Bier Thompson: 


I love both stores. The staff at Trader Joe's rocks. Maybe there is less turnover there than at F&E.  —Jane Coombs


Our KPCC reporter, Wendy Lee, speculates:  


Fresh & Easy's parent company hasn't said who the interested buyers are. Food industry analysts have told me that if Trader Joe's were to takeover some of the Fresh & Easy locations, they would probably be rebranded as Trader Joe's stores.