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Union Station FlyAway bus fares to LAX increase by $1 this spring

FlyAway bus at Union Station
FlyAway bus at Union Station
LA Wad/Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)

The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners said Tuesday they will raise fares on FlyAway buses going to and from Union Station and the Los Angeles International Airport this spring. 

Fares would increase by a dollar to $8 per passenger, officials said. Officials said the price hike is an effort to make up for declining revenues on the route, which has accumulated a deficit of $156,233 from July 1 to Oct. 31. During that time period, 184,704 people rode the FlyAway bus on the route between Union Station and LAX, which was not enough to make the route profitable.

The FlyAway bus route from Union Station to LAX began in 2006, when fares were just $3 for adults. Over time, fares increased to the current price of $7.

Airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said the board has no plans to eliminate the FlyAway bus service to and from Union Station and LAX.

"We want to ensure that the FlyAway bus service at Union Station does not operate at a deficit and we want to ensure we are able to continue offering that service because we know it's used by riders especially public transportation riders on the rail as well as on the buses," Castles said. "We must maintain that airport connection for them."