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LAUSD board staff member on budget: 'It's ugly. Absolutely awful unless we get some help.'

 John Deasy, head of the Los Angeles Unified School District
John Deasy, head of the Los Angeles Unified School District
Nick Ut/AP

Superintendent John Deasy will unveil the proposed LAUSD budget at today's board meeting with a shortfall greater than expected at $570 million. There are proposed cuts to early education programs, the academic decathlon, science centers, band, and adult education, according to a board staff member who was informed of the proposals Monday.

"It's ugly. Absolutely awful unless we get some help," the board staff member said. "Everything that is good about education that keeps people in schools is going."

The board staff member stressed that the details of the budget may have changed since they were informed, as it is a work in progress.

The budget proposal will be voted on at next week's board meeting. Between now and then it is expected to change a number of times as the board members debate what is or is not a necessary cut.

Deasy has proposed plans to cut down district bureaucracy and ensure money goes to classrooms.

Meanwhile in Sacramento, Governor Jerry Brown's budget threatens a possible $4.8 billion cut to K-12 education, which depends on whether voters approve an initive to raise taxes in November. If they don't, LAUSD may see their budget shortfall grow even higher mid-year.

The school board went into closed session shortly after 10 a.m. this morning. They will be discussing the dismissal of two LAUSD teachers accused of sexual misconduct. 

The budget will be discussed when the board reconvenes at 1p.m.

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