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Civil lawsuit in Miramonte abuse case as LAUSD contemplates $5.7M price tag for teacher swap

Miramonte protest new teachers. Now eight parents have come forward to announce a civil lawsuit against LAUSD.
Miramonte protest new teachers. Now eight parents have come forward to announce a civil lawsuit against LAUSD.
Vanessa Romo/KPCC

The parents of eight Miramonte Elementary students will announce Thursday that they're filing a civil lawsuit against LAUSD for alleged inappropriate acts by two Miramonte Elementary teachers.

Their private attorneys have collaborated with the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), after the parents reached out to the immigrant rights group on Tuesday. The parents said they are undocumented and concerned for their immigration status if they come forward.

CHIRLA will demand the L.A. County Sheriff's Department issue a written guarantee that if any undocumented parents come forward, they will not be deported or turned over to the federal immigration authorities.

According to L.A. Times reporter Howard Blume, the damage of any successful lawsuits could be devastating to the LAUSD.

“There are lawyers literally driving through the street looking for clients of all strife," he said on The Madeleine Brand Show. "One of these lawsuits could have six-figure settlements."

Apart from all pending lawsuits, the district must factor in all administrative costs for the school year. The swap of all faculty and staff from Miramonte will total $5.7 million between now and June 30; that's including the 45 counselors added to the team, Blume added.

Moreover, LAUSD must factor in loss of revenue from the school's two-day hiatus. One student equals $40 a day, which means $120,000 was lost in the days after Miramonte closed its doors.

The district has a few options to alleviate the financial burden, Blume went on to say. They have excess insurance, which dictates that if a settlement goes above a certain amount, LAUSD has insurance to cover it. Still, the insurers often don’t like to pay out on these policies and they can end up in litigation with the insurer.

LAUSD can also make up lost days later.

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