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California's school supe takes on proposed cuts in day care funding

California’s superintendent of schools announced Friday in L.A. that he’s leading a push on Sacramento to avert $500 million in planned cuts to state-supported day care centers.

Officials made the announcement at a state-funded daycare in East Los Angeles. Rafael Ramirez, the center’s director, said the cuts could mean the center's closing.
“We have 60 children here, 36 of which are toddlers. That means 18 months to three years old, and we have 24 that are four and five years old," Ramirez said. "If in fact those cuts that are proposed in the governor’s budget are enacted, in 2013 we would lose half of those students and in 2014 we would lose all of them and the center would close.”
State lawmakers will be debated the planned cuts in the coming months.