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Teachers who seduce students may lose their pensions, benefits

California State Capitol in Sacramento
California State Capitol in Sacramento

Some teachers who have romanced their pupils were not engaged in illegalities because the students were 18 or over.

But a new bill scheduled to be introduced Tuesday in Sacramento yearns to punish educators who seduce their students no matter the age of their young love.

Republican Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, of Modesto, Assembly Bill 1861 authored the bill that would strip teachers of pension and retiree benefits if they engage in an inappropriate relationship with a student (of any age) at the same school that they teach.

The bill is inspired by the controversial case of James Hooker, a 41 year old Modesto high school teacher, who left his wife and 17-year old daughter to move in with his doe-eyed blonde 18-year-old student Jordan Powers. He also quit teaching.

Powers' mother, Tammie Mullins Powers, took to Facebook to tell her 6,668 subscribers that she supports the bill that would make the crime a felony. Mrs. Powers writes that she hopes the bill will be passed not just in California, but across the United States.

"I will continue to lobby legislation and encourage each and every state to adopt the same or similiar law," Mrs. Powers wrote.