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LAUSD will notify parents within 72 hours when teachers are pulled from schools

Marquee out front of Hamilton High School in Los Angeles
Marquee out front of Hamilton High School in Los Angeles
Tony Pierce / KPCC

Among the many gripes that have aired during the recent rash of alleged teacher misconduct is that parents were left in the dark as the LAUSD and police have investigated suspected instructors.

For example in 2010, Vance Miller was selected as Southern California’s Outstanding Music Educator of the Year. Later that year, Miller was pulled out of his class and reassigned to the local district offices but not placed on administrative leave, according to L.A. Unified documents. Parents were never told why the head of the orchestra was gone and a substitute was in his place.

In Februrary of this year, Miller was accused by 10 students of alleged sexual misconduct. 

Thursday Superintendent John Deasy announced that parents would be notified within 72 hours when a teacher is removed from a school due to sexual allegations.

"The spate of cases involving sexual misconduct in recent months has prompted a reevaluation of our reporting procedures," Deasy said in a statement.