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UC San Diego's Associated Students denounce DEA mistreatment of student

DEA agents at work.
DEA agents at work.
David Downs

The Associated Students of UC San Diego has unanimously approved a resolution denouncing the incident in which an engineering student was forgotten by DEA agents in a cell without food, water or a toilet for five days.

The measure, which was approved Wednesday, asks the university's chancellor Marye Ann Fox to take a stance on the issue; it will be voted on by the university's six colleges this week and next, said Angad Walia, a senior at UC San Diego who helped draft the resolution. Walia is the Southern California State Chair for the student organization Young Americans for Liberty.

The news of engineering student Daniel Chong's detainment broke last week, during the university's midterm season, and took most students by surprise, Walia said.

"We wanted to get the word out this has actually happened," Walia said. "Although it has happened on our campus, a majority of the school doesn't know about it. It's important our student body in general stand up against the mistreatment of one of our students.

"Although it's largely symbolic, I believe the message it conveys is important."

A university spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment.

Walia learned about what had happened to Chong last week after a friend sent him a news article.

"I thought it was outrageous," Walia said. "I was very very upset...You wouldn't think something like this could happen in the America that we live in."

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