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Cal State University to enroll more out-of-state and international students over California applicants

In the latest twist to Cal State University’s budget woes, the system may not admit any graduate students from California for the spring semester. 

The change won’t affect a huge number of potential grad students — last year Cal State Schools admitted only about 1,800 graduate students at mid-year — but it speaks volumes about the state’s funding woes.  

The schools will, however, continue to admit grad students from states outside California and from abroad, because they pay higher tuition rates.

In a statement, CSU Executive Vice Chancellor Ephraim P. Smith said the system is not “displacing Californians in favor of higher paying non-resident students and there is no policy encouraging campuses to do so.”

The CSU system had already announced that enrollment of undergraduate California students would be limited to a few hundred transfers from community colleges and a couple of other exceptions.  By changing its admissions policy, the Cal State system is trying address $750 million in cuts through the end of 2012, and another $250 million cut next year if voters reject a November tax measure supported by Governor Jerry Brown.