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Voters approve Prop 30; educators relieved

Anna, left, dresses patriotically during the election night party at Grand Park. The event was put on by the Music Center, and went until 10 p.m.
Anna, left, dresses patriotically during the election night party at Grand Park. The event was put on by the Music Center, and went until 10 p.m.
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My Inbox was full of statements from various educators Wednesday morning thanking voters for passing Prop. 30 with a 54 percent "yes" vote.

For details on what this means for schools and taxes, you can check out the sum-up of the Prop. 30 results I compiled in the wee hours Wednesday morning. The details on how California voted, especially geographically, remain the same. L.A. County appears to have greatly tipped the scales in favor of Prop. 30, with 60 percent voting in favor of the tax increase.

L.A. Unified Superintendent John Deasy put out a statement at about 6:30 a.m. saying he's "tremendously grateful" to voters for "making the difficult decision to support Prop. 30."

"It is apparent that the voters are aware of the devastating cuts schools districts have taken the past 5 years. They have said enough is enough. These funds, from Proposition 30, will better equip us to provide a quality education to all LAUSD youth over the next several years and begin the road back to fiscal recovery. We look forward in the next several years to begin to restore some of the programs and valued employees, which were previously cut by the devastating fiscal situation in California.

At the same time, I speak for all employees of LAUSD when I say we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that every student graduates college and career ready. And I also thank all employees and youth who worked so hard to support Proposition 30, and acknowledge the very tough times we have been through as one family, and now see a bridge forward to a more stable financial future that honors all your hard work."

United Teachers Los Angeles President Warren Fletcher said in a statement that he was "gratified" by the vote that will deliver "guaranteed funding" to classrooms and help restore a full school year at L.A. Unified. The district cut one week of instruction this year.

"Our members and volunteers staffed phone banks, knocked on doors and did everything possible to spread UTLA’s message, “Yes on 30” and “No on 32,” to voters.  We share this victory with educators, students and parents across California. 

We recognize that Proposition 30 will not fix all our schools’ fiscal problems, but it is a tremendous step that is expected to cancel teacher furlough days and bring back the 180-day school year for LAUSD."

Fletcher said the union wants L.A. Unified to apply money from Prop. 30 to cancel unpaid staff furlough days and return the full academic year to students.

Educators 4 Excellence Executive Director Ama Nyamekye also praised voters' approval of Prop. 30. 

"We’ve seen how continuous cuts to public education have stymied achievement and hampered the innovative work of grassroots, teacher-led reform. Now, we have a chance to reverse this trend. With this much-needed additional revenue in hand, California must now honor the choice of voters and ensure that this money is invested in improving our schools and student outcomes for years to come." 

Sherry Lansing, chair of the UC Board of Regents said in a statement that she's "thrilled" voters have passed the measure.

"This victory will certainly help us in our battle to restore fiscal stability to the University of California...We will remain steadfast in our determination to preserve the quality, access and public service that have made the University of California an indispensable resource for the entire state.”

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