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Where to get help to write a winning college financial aid application

Paying for a college education
Paying for a college education
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The clock is ticking toward the March 2, 1913 deadline for state and federal grants for college. That’s the last day when many colleges and universities will accept the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. (Some colleges have earlier deadlines.)

With the price tag for a four-year college education reaching $200,000 in some cases, more students than ever need help paying the bills.

If you're like many students and families, you likely have basic questions about whether you qualify and what to do if the aid you receive isn't enough.  Here’s a good primer on the program that  answers many of those questions.

Want more specific help? The L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce has for years been leading an  effort to guide students to fill out the applications correctly -- and on time.  It has put together  long list of resources on its web site.