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UCLA, Occidental join new for-profit college transfer program

Occidental College
Occidental College
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The for-profit company Quad Learning announced Friday it has recruited UCLA and Occidental College to be part of a national community college transfer alliance — but the program doesn't come cheap.

For about twice the cost of regular tuition, American Honors gives community college students extra support, coaching and smaller classes to help them transfer to 27 partner universities, including Purdue University and Ohio State.

Chris Romer, co-founder of American Honors, said the universities have agreed to be “transfer friendly” to American Honors students.
For now, the program is only available to community college students in Indiana, New Jersey and Washington state, but Romer plans to expand to 50 community colleges, including public community colleges in Southern California.
California Community College Vice Chancellor Paul Feist said there’s a big roadblock.
"In California, there’s a set fee for students based on their unit load, and it's $46 per unit, and it’s not permissible, in most cases, to charge one student a higher fee," he said.

Those are called differential fees. American Honors wants to convince Sacramento policy makers to change that policy. The Chancellor of California’s community colleges opposes differential fees.