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No more excuses! New bills would put baby changing tables in men rooms

California lawmakers to vote on two bills that would put change tables into men's restrooms.
California lawmakers to vote on two bills that would put change tables into men's restrooms.
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Two new bills in Sacramento would give Mom a break from having to do all the diaper changes when out in public.

Clearing the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee Tuesday, the two bills would ensure equal access to infant changing tables for men and women in public places.

One bill, SB 1358, would mandate movie theaters, restaurants and other businesses have them in men's restrooms , according to bill author Senator Lois Wolk.

A second bill, SB 1350, by Senator Ricardo Lara, would make changing tables accessible to both sexes - but doesn't mandate where they go. Both bills have bi-partisan support.

Monrovia stay-at-home mom, Kristin Today, supports both bills. Her husband works full-time, but on weekends he does the bulk of diaper changes for their 6-month old, Lucas.

"I think that all men's restrooms should have a changing table," Today said as she nursed her 6-month-old son, Lucas, at Library park Wednesday morning. "I always tell him it's half their kid and they should be doing the diapers just as we do."

She said that on weekends when they are out her husband has to get creative in public places that don't have a designated space in the men's room.

"It's more cleanly and more helpful and just safer if there is a changing station the men's restroom as opposed to him just doing it on a bench or on a counter," she said.

Senators heard the same thing during hearings in Sacramento this week. Men sometimes found themselves changing a diaper on a dirty bathroom floor or on their lap while sitting on the toilet.