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Ask Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman

Ever wish you could ask the questions at a political debate? Here's your chance to grill the candidates for California governor.California state seal

KPCC is a media partner for the Sept. 28 debate between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown at UC Davis, which gives you a chance to have your question posed to one or both candidates. Just send us your questions and share your insights on the November state election.

Is the California budget your top priority? Job creation? Tax breaks for business? School spending? Send us your question for Brown and/or Whitman, and it will be considered for inclusion in the debate. We will contact you if your question is selected.

KPCC will broadcast the one-hour debate at 7 p.m. on Sept. 28. La Opinión joins KPCC as a southern California media partner for the debate, which is co-sponsored by Capital Public Radio, KCRA-TV (an NBC affiliate) and the Sacramento Bee.

In sharing your questions and insights, you become part of KPCC's Insight Network of news sources, a group of people that we turn to each month with questions about topics in the news. It's confidential, nothing you share is aired or published without your permission, and it helps to shape our news coverage.


(Image: Strilajenta/Flickr)