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Boxer and Fiorina Debate Spills Into Twitter

Some listening to the senatorial candidate debate between current senator Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina flooded Twitter with their up-to-the-minute commentary using the hashtag #casen. Posts ranged from reactionary criticism to stand-alone quotes.

Some posts are already drawing conclusions from the debate, like a post by user Flap at 1:40 p.m.: "The Boxer Vs. Fiorina debate is half over and Fiorina has proven to be the clear winner. Boxer is rambling and unknowledgable #casen #tcot"

User jljacobson notes the increased activity on Carly Fiorina's official Twitter account at 1:34 p.m.: "RT @rubberstamprosk: Fiorina tweeting up a storm. Must be despr8 due 2 l8st polling. http://bit.ly/98bgHO #speakingout #39day #casen #p2"

Fiorina's Twitter account posted regularly during the debate, often linking the recent topic with a "fact check" linking to Fiorina's campaign website, like the account's post at 1:42 p.m.: "Debate Fact Check #7: http://www.carlyforca.com/2010/09/debate-fact-check-7-offshore-drilling/ #casendebate"

Boxer's Twitter account has not been updated since the debate began.