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Which standards for California's Renewable Standard?

Climate change meetings with laminated name tags in ballrooms are often filled with highfalutin' aspirational dreamweaverin' mumbo-jumbo. Also, in LA, a celebrity or two.

The Governor's Global Climate Summit last week did bring together a lot of local folks, though, and some had comments on Issues Of The Day in California.

What Arnold Schwarzenegger will do about the state lawmakers' bills on the Renewable Portfolio Standard remains both fascinating and a bit of a mystery. You may remember a couple of weeks ago when Schwarzenegger used an executive order to raise the renewable portfolio standard in California to 33% for all utilities. Since then, he has not, however, vetoed SB 14 or AB 64 two renewable portfolio bills pushed by state legislators.

Activists continue to lobby the Governor, with the hope of heading off vetos for those bills. I talked to Faramarz Nabavi of the California Wind Energy Association. Here's his view: