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Catchin' up with debris basins

Nick Roman, our editor, loves storm season. When he says "storm watch," you know he means StormWatch. Or even STORMWATCH!. I'm, as with many things I cover, awestruck by it.

A few weeks back I did a story explaining how debris basins work. It's got a short video so you can see what it looks like in dry times at the Dunsmuir debris basin. You'd have to imagine the debris flowing down the watercourse into the area. But maybe with the rain falling outside your window, you can.

Today we're also following news announcements in the run-up to Copenhagen. Mayor Villaraigosa and a posse or a passel or a flock or whatever are going to Denmark and to Germany to talk about what cities can do to combat global warming; the mayor's promise to get rid of coal by 2020 certainly draws interest there. And the Environmental Protection Agency - authorized by the Obama Administration - will announce an "endangerment" ruling - a finding by the agency that greenhouse gases are endangering peoples' health and must be regulated. That certainly could up the pressure on Congress to pass its own regulation, which has seen fire and rain this fall, and whose fate is uncertain.

Our colleague Rob Schmitz from member station KQED in San Francisco is in Copenhagen. His coverage will be found here.