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New journal "Urban Coast" launches at LMU

The great Marantz meltdown of 2010 last week yielded technical difficulties massed to the point where I wasn't able to catch up. Now I am.

The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation (the non-profit arm of the State-run independent Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission) and the newly-formed Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies (a partnership of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation and Loyola Marymount University) have put out a new journal called Urban Coast: the commission's Sean Bergquist is editing it, Shelley Luce is executive editor.

They're aiming to mix it up a little in the public conversation about coastal management; in the first issue, they have contributions from Fran Pavley & Henry Waxman. It'll start off as an annual journal, but Luce thinks it may move to semi-annual down the line.

Here's Shelly Luce talking about the new journal, Urban Coast. At the journal's launch party, she explained who it's for, what it's about, and what she hopes to include in it, in the future.

I can't help having gone to law school sometimes. But on the plus side, it's made me curious about the connection between the now-middle-aged laws we have that organize everything public about environmental management, and environmental research. Shelley Luce has clearly thought about this as well. In the Urban Coast interview, she used a little wonk-speak: "siloization." Or, silo-itzation. Which means, commonly, that people are all in their narrow tall little buildings and areas of responsibility, and not talking to each other. I asked why she thought that happens in southern California.
Listen to a little bit of our conversation here.