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ATTENTION CALIFORNIANS: Urgent urgency on the radio today 3-5:30 pm

Attention women of Los Angeles, and those who love them, and those who work with them, and those who are physically proximate to them, and are fearful or enraptured and possibly both:

(Actually, before you do, pause for a moment; imagine me as a cross between two characters in the classic film Mr. Mom: Terri Garr, and the guy who played the president of Schooner Tuna (the tuna with a heart). Actually, imagine me as Terri Garr playing the Schooner Tuna guy. If you're thinking about Martin Mull right now, that's on you, and I can be of no help.)

Your country needs you. Actually, not your country. Your local public radio station. And when I say your local public radio station, I mean KPCC. No, we're the one with local news. And when I say TODAY, I mean, between 3:00 pm and 5:30.

A gauntlet has been thrown down. And when I say gauntlet, I mean, a sort of glove. No, I don't plan to smell it. It came from KPCC's estimable John Rabe, the host of Off-Ramp, and KPCC's Frank Stoltze, who is to "downtown bureau chief" what Les Nessman of WKRP is to "guy whose office has a door."

KPCC's Alex Cohen - a/k/a Axles of Evil, which in an obscure dialect of a language you don't know means "She who trained badass women for Whip It!" - and I (YOUR environment reporter) are trying to get more people to sign up as members tomorrow than Frank and John.

*any contribution makes you a member
*any contribution helps us out
*give what's right for you

You can call in at 888-866-5722 or go to to see all the ways you can be a member. But YOU SHOULD DO IT BETWEEN 3 AND 5 PM.

No, this isn't a gender thing. If you like, you can think of us as Kathryn Bigelow...or Kathryn Bigelow like. Just doing what we do in an incredible badass way, and happening to be women. In which case Frank and John can be James Cameron: legendary; acclaimed; etc.

But I think it's our year.