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Lewis McAdams springs a Piggyback Yard from his head

I'm really glad the New York Times noticed this crazy idea from a crazy band of dreamers about the LA River.

Here's a link to the story we did at KPCC a few months back.

Courtesy PBy Collective

McAdams acknowledged to the Times that his idea may not happen in his lifetime. To me, he mentioned that William Carlos Williams wrote, "A new world is only a new mind." The NYT story brought me to mind of the fuller quote:

Be patient that I address you in a poem,
                   there is no other
                                       fit medium.
The mind
                   lives there. It is uncertain,
                                       can trick us and leave us
agonized. But for resources
                   what can equal it?
                                       There is nothing. We
should be lost
                   without its wings to
                                       fly off upon.
The mind is the cause of our distresses
                  but of it we can build anew.
                                       Oh something more than

it flies off to:
                   a woman's world,
                                       of crossed sticks, stopping
thought. A new world
                    is only a new mind.
                                        And the mind and the poem
are all apiece.

For Williams and McAdams, using one's imagination, dreaming, is living. Regardless of whether or not the Piggyback Yard does or should become reality rather than a series of beautiful sketches, they say big ideas are glorious. I like the ambition of that. Do you?