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Brown argues environment could create jobs in second debate of governor's race

Not too much talk about the environment in today's debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman in California's governor's race. What talking there was, Brown did it. In answer to a question about job creation in California that pointed out higher unemployment for Latinos, Brown responded that 1.9 million new jobs developed in California while he was governor. He created the California Conservation Corps, which has since had 100-thousand people pass through its program.

"We can power our factories, we can retrofit our buildings, we can build transmission lines, solar collectors, geothermal, wind machines, California was the leader," Brown said. "In renewable energy. now we're behind iowa and texas and china. I believe we can be the leader again."

Brown said some of these projects would be funded by electric utilities. And he said he had a concrete plan: 20-thousand megawatts of energy created in California by 2020, 500-thousand resulting jobs.

"I'm not talking about just a few jobs in the desert. I'm talking about retrofitting all the buildings of California. the commercial, the residential," he said. "Putting young people to work. Whoever's out of work - this is a major public works project."

Brown also said high speed rail would create jobs - something Whitman doesn't support.