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Morning greens: Malibu's new park, L.A.'s green street, and cleaner cars

Car sharing will get easier in California, since Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 1871 into law. “The new law means Californians can contribute their cars to carsharing pools without invalidating their insurance policies,” reports GOOD.

Relatedly, Car fuel standards could be 47 to 62 mpg by 2025 if the Obama Administration’s goals become reality, reports the LA Times.

California’s renewable energy must get stored, since Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 2514 into law. Reports the NY Times: “The state will now require utilities (first, investor-owned utilities, and later, publicly owned ones) to have storage capacity on hand that can quickly be put into use when the wind dies down.”

Los Angeles got a new green street! Riverdale Avenue in Elysian Valley has a parkway swale planted with native vegetation and rainwater “catch basins designed to filter pollutants before infiltrating water into the earth,” according to Joe Linton of L.A. Creek Freak.

Malibu got a new park! Malibu Legacy Park too is water-wise, with “a sophisticated network of pipes and filters engineered to remove bacteria, metals and trash from the stormwater runoff,” reports LA Times.

Missed the AltCarExpo over the weekend? Take a look at LAist’s photo slideshow of the green transportation expo to see what you missed.

In national news, President Obama rallied for his clean energy policy — or what’s left of it — in his weekly address. In response, Grist’s David Roberts explains the need for tax breaks for clean energy industries. Relatedly, The New Yorker has a long, well-worth-reading piece by Ryan Lizza on “How the Senate and the White House missed their best chance to deal with climate change.”

Lastly and cutely: The Little baby turtles! What happens to loggerhead turtle hatchlings when they hatch in the Gulf of Mexico? Usually they paddle out into the ocean and float around the ocean on seaweed — except this year, the aftermath Gulf Oil Spill would have killed those little turtles. The New York Times reports on the turtle-saving mission hatched and executed this year.

Photo of Riverdale Ave. by Joe Linton/L.A. Creek Freak