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Morning greens: Dirty pollution and clean solutions

downtownlosangeles Morning greens:

Avoid the beaches for a couple days. LAist reports that rain means urban runoff that rushes all the dirty, polluted gunk on our streets into our oceans, so Santa Monica’s environmental nonprofit Heal the Bay recommends staying out of the ocean water, lest you get the stomach flu or other ailments.

Does L.A.’s air pollution mean more diabetic Angelenos? A study new links diabetes and air pollution: “For every 10 microgram per cubic meter rise in fine particulate matter, they found a 1 percent increase in diabetes rates,” reports NY Times’ Green blog. Here’s today’s air quality forecast.

A lot of Southern California’s air pollution comes from cars. Could a partial solution be free bus passes for Santa Monica residents? City councilmember Kevin McKeown “proposed requiring developers to pay for bus passes for each and every Santa Monica resident,” reports SaMo Daily Press.

Metro got a $47 million grant to build a bus facility near Union Station. Construction on a 3-story bus operations and maintenance facility, an administration building and maintenance building is expected to begin June 2011 and be completed in spring 2013.

In national news, the White House will get solar panels after all according to Dot Earth, and the U.S. Military will work to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, according to the NY Times.

In world news, scientists completed a first ever census of marine life. “The project brings the estimate of known marine species to nearly 250,000, a figure that still represents only a fraction of the species that inhabit the seas,” reports NY Times’ Green blog.

Lastly and ickily: Bedbug-killing chemicals can be more dangerous than bedbugs. If you missed yesterday’s Morning Edition, know now that “The EPA is taking legal action against some companies that have sent families to hospitals by using such pesticides.”

Photo by Tamsin Slater/Flickr