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Morning greens: Local food boost and sun-powered jobs

fruithalloween Morning greens:

Los Angeles gets a local food policy. GOOD summarizes “Good Food for All Agenda: Creating a New Regional Food System for Los Angeles,” a new report released by the Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force that seeks to make locally-produced food easily available and affordable for Angelenos.

Two major California solar projects got the greenlight, as Molly Peterson reported on this blog yesterday. The NY Times, Grist, and KQED’s Climate Watch blog all offer further details on the projects — and the LA Times reports what the projects could mean for green jobs in California:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is banking on the building boom to infuse the state with more than $30 billion in new investments in green energy and create more than 12,000 high-paying construction and manufacturing jobs from about two dozen planned wind and solar facilities.

In national news: The FTC wants to crack down on greenwashing. The Commission’s proposed new guidelines for green claims would “warn marketers against using labels that make broad claims that cannot be substantiated, like “eco-friendly,” reports NY Times.

Lastly and crunchily: Frito-Lay’s bagging its biodegradable SunChips bags for all but one flavor of chips — after customers complained the plant-based bags crinkled too loudly. The bags may have been silenced, but many environmentalists are speaking out, bemoaning the bagging of the bags.

Photo of citrus Halloween carvings at the Santa Monica Farmers Market by Siel Ju