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But what about the children? Calling climate champions.

The Air Resources Board announced today the creation of what they're calling a "Climate Generation Program" - it's modeled after the British Council's similar program in the UK and elsewhere. The idea is to compete through school and homework to connect their lives to the environment. The goal: to cut the carbon footprint at their school. ARN Chairman Mary D. Nichols in the release:

The name ’Climate Generation’ says it all. This is an opportunity for young people who will be living with the effects of climate change to focus their passion and enthusiasm on real-world projects and solutions in their school today. It will also help us identify our new Climate Champions, the leaders who will express the concerns of California’s youth about climate change.

Sixty countries have a Climate Generation Program now. In our state, the the California Education and the Environment Initiative, a new curriculum comprised of 85 units teaching select Science and History-Social Science academic standards will be promoted as an important element of the new Climate Generation program. The new curriculum, the result of a multi-agency education and environmental partnership, was developed to help students discover how science, history and social science relate to individual lives and connect to the world around them, focusing on their relationship to the environment. It was designed to engage students in a way that makes learning relevant and fun.

Minnesota's the other state in on this plan - there it's a private foundation managing the program. Schools can propose projects in six topic areas - Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, Water Conservation, Transportation, Purchasing, Facilities or Outreach.

I'd love to see what this curriculum includes - I'm going to ask for a copy of it. Hopefully to share with the rest of class, unlike gum in Mrs. Oeschger's class.