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Morning greens: Fighting bottled water waste, hit-and-runs, smog

Prop 23 is likely to go down in defeat, according to a new Los Angeles Times/ USC poll. The initiative, if passed, would put the brakes on California’s landmark global warming law, AB 32.

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A cyclist was killed in a hit-and-run in Agoura Hills, reports L.A. Now. The driver has been arrested on suspicion of DUI. Relatedly, local bicycle activist blog Bikeside recently started a “Life Before License” campaign to discourage hit-and-runs involving cyclists.

Missed Artisanal LA? LAist has the highlights and photos from the eco-foodie event.

San Francisco’s board of supervisors are guzzling bottled water — banned by the city 3 years ago. “The city’s 11 current supervisors and their staff members have guzzled $4,387 worth of bottled water since the prohibition went into effect,” reports NY Times. Los Angeles has had similar problems over attempted bottled water bans.

California dairies are turning methane from cows into energy — but the process also creates smog that runs afoul of state air regulations. NPR reports that California is the nation’s largest dairy state– and that “state air officials are now taking a look at how dairy digesters are regulated.”

In national news: Most Republicans running for House and Senate seats this year are climate change deniers, reports NPR. “Conservatives in Congress are turning against the science behind climate change. That means if Republicans take control this November, there’s little hope for climate change policy.”

Florida’s tourism industry’s been suffering from the BP oil spill — even in areas unaffected by the spill. Asks NY Times: “should BP have to pay for economic hardship caused by the public’s reaction to the oil, even if that reaction was utterly irrational?”

Lastly and leafily: Did the rain leave your lawn — or drought-resistant yard — or edible garden — covered in fall leaves? MNN lists four ecological ways to dispose of autumn leaves.

Image: Gary Kavanagh/Bikeside