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Sensors seeking sites: want a seismograph in your home?

The US Geologic Survey is looking for a few good men. Or women. Or families. If you're a dog who has wifi, a concrete slab foundation and AC power, and can read the internet, I bet you qualify too. (Though maybe call us at KPCC first - we love breaking news.)

See the blue box? If you live inside that area, the Geologic Survey is looking for potential guinea pigs in there: 

The USGS is trying to achieve denser and more uniform seismograph spacing in the southern California area to provide better measurements of ground motion during earthquakes. To do this, we have developed a new type of digital seismograph called "NetQuakes" that communicates its data to the USGS via the Internet. These instruments connect to a local network using WiFi and use existing Broadband connections to transmit data after an earthquake.

Successful applicants will be near lots of buildings, lots of people, "critical facilities," and active faults.

And they'll be willing to provide:

There's a form you have to fill out. They seem particularly interested in Southern Orange County, Northern San Diego County and the I-15 corridor. And just 35 machines will go to loving homes. Won't you provide shelter to an orphaned seismograph today?