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Just wanted to get this in under the wire

Not all of my AB 32/proposition 23 reporting made it to the radio.

Early in the election season, I was looking at what would, in fact, happen, should prop 23 pass, to existing programs in place as part of the AB 32 early action plan organized by the state's Air Resources Board.

One such program is "on dock electrification" - the practice of offering ships a place to plug in for power dockside, so that they don't idle for days in port, burning fuel, dirty bunker fuel or otherwise. Like other pieces of the early action puzzle, on dock electrification offered multiple environmental benefits: it could help cut air pollution that impacts human health, in the form of particulate matter that can irritate lungs. And it could help cut the release of greenhouse gases whose presence contributes to a changing climate.

So I went for a boat ride with Bob Kanter of the Port of Long Beach one day - in fact, the day it was 113 degrees before the thermometer broke. (Oh, it was a breezy 108 at the port, but keep in mind I have a black car with no air conditioning to take me there.)

So what would happen to greenhouse gas reducing programs like this at the Port of Long Beach. Well, Bob Kanter will tell you if you click below. But keep in mind, neither he nor the harbor commission for Long Beach took a position for or against proposition 23.

More information about proposition 23 is available in my story that did air - you can listen here.

Bob Kantor, Port of Long Beach, on AB32 from Molly Peterson on Vimeo.