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Morning greens: Cancun climate deal, LA port's solar array, and another Chevron oil spill

The Port of Los Angeles got a 1-megawatt solar array installed on World Cruise Center. Reports LA Now: “The panels will help the terminal cut back on its yearly electricity bill by $200,000.”

Should California adopt a Global Warming Gas Emission Fee? David A. Bainbridge makes the case for one in TriplePundit. “If we assume that we can cut another $9 billion from the deficit – then we would need to charge only $21 dollars per ton to bridge the budget gap.”

Calif.-based Chevron was told to close pipeline after second oil spill in Salt Lake City. Reports LA Times: “The temporary closure, ordered by the U.S. Department of Transportation, comes after two spills in six months. The first leak spewed 800 gallons, the most recent 500 gallons.”

In national news: Delays of EPA rules are angering environmentalists. Reports LA Times: “Among the rules that the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed implementing have been stronger restrictions on air pollution and coal ash residue.”

Meanwhle, Ecotrope reports EPA’s 2011 greenhouse gas rules are still a go, now that the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington ruled against state and industry challengers who claimed the rules would create economic hardship. David Doniger of Natural Resources Defense Council has more at Grist. According to Greenwire, the EPA’s scrambling to finish a set of greenhouse gas rules, set to go into effect Jan. 2, 2011.

In international news: Climate negotiators struck a deal in Cancun — an imperfect deal, but a deal nonetheless, according to Grist:

Broadly, the agreement accomplishes most of what observers hoped it would heading in two weeks ago: It records the commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions that developed and developing countries made in Copenhagen, establishes a framework for transparency, sets up a global climate fund with the goal of providing $100 billion in financing to developing countries by 2020, and establishes an initiative aimed at curbing deforestation.

NY Times reports “the result was a major step forward for a process that has stumbled badly in recent years.” NPR has more details on the fund to help developing nations go green.

Lastly and toothily: The FDA will review the risks of mercury fillings next week, reports KABC. Do you have any mercury fillings?