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"Resisting the Green Dragon:" Arguing God ISN'T green

About a month ago I wrote a blog entry reflecting on the increasingly popular idea that God is present in the environmental movement.

The conservative Christian evangelicals behind "Resisting the Green Dragon" think those people are dead wrong.

One of the creators of this 12-DVD series, quoted in an OC Register editorial arguing the failure of international accord on climate is a good thing, said:

Cancun "isn't about climate change," says Calvin Beisner, of the Cornwall Alliance for Stewardship of Creation (, a national coalition of religious leaders, scientists and economists. "It's about redistributing the world's wealth and taking further steps toward global governance ... its aims are both unjust and dangerous."

Some of this language was present in Sacramento Friday, when the Air Resources Board completed a 4-year mission to create a cap-and-trade market in California, which will cap and reduce greenhouse gases.

Here's a preview video - snippets of the Green Dragon DVD series. What do you think?