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13 Ways of Looking at CicLAvia

ciclavia1 13 Ways of Looking at CicLAvia

I went, I biked, and I got sunburned after a fun day of riding around CicLAvia, which shut down 7.5 miles of L.A. streets from cars to make room for bicycles, pedestrians, book clubs, and hoola hoopers. CBS says more than 130,000 people attended the Sunday event, but inspired by Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” here’s a recap of the sunny day from 13 perspectives. All line breaks are my own.

I’m there.

– Lance Armstrong, in a tweet to local blogger and bicyclist Will Campbell, who asked if the seven-time Tour de France winner would be at CicLAvia. Armstrong did indeed help kick off the event on Sunday. Here’s Campbell’s video of his CicLAvia ride to Boyle Heights from East Hollywood.

we spend so much
time in our cars
we often forget

– Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in a guest post for LA Streetsblog. The quote continues: “that walking or biking or skating isn’t just a great way to exercise, it’s a great way to get to know and enjoy our many vibrant neighborhoods.”

ciclavia3 13 Ways of Looking at CicLAvia

you see the tall bike crowd with the Midnight Ridazz,
you see families on cruiser bikes,
you see sporty folks, all types

– Jeff Booth of Sierra Madre, quoted in KCET’s SoCal Focus’ story on four families and why they came out to CicLAvia

Millan ditched his bike for a moment to
hula hoop in the street wearing
fuzzy faux-fur handmade boots.
– LA Now on Junue Millan, a 29-year-old Silverlake resident, in a story about the the goings-on at CicLAvia

we kicked some soccer balls,
dined at food trucks,
ran around the plaza …
and chased the ducks in McArthur Park

– Damien Newton, at LA Streetsblog, on his CicLAvia experience — shared with “wife, child, mother and an out-of-state friend” — all on foot.

ciclavia2 13 Ways of Looking at CicLAvia

Above the distant roar of the 110 freeway
we discussed
the almost 4o-year-old book

– Local blogger Alissa Walker, on the GOOD Book Club meeting discussion of Reyner Banham’s Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies during CicLAvia.

saw a friend,
had some great lemonade
and got a nice tan
from my racerback tank and capri running pants

– Local blogger Cindy Mosqueda on running 10 miles at CicLAvia

Cops were grinning
with all the “thank yous”
and reveling in the people watching

– Jeff Miller, Alliance for Biking and Walking President/CEO, on his CicLAvia experience

notice things you would have never looked at
if you were driving, like say …
the faces of different people

– Local blogger Brigham Yen on his first CicLAvia experience

the vista of snowcapped mountains
on a tank-top day
from the high point of the 4th Street bridge

– Sandy Banks, L.A. Times columnist, in a column that explains how CicLAvia’s shifted her perspective on the viability of cycling in L.A.

ciclavia 13 Ways of Looking at CicLAvia


– On a banner put up by railLA, a local, pro-high speed rail organization.

a glimpse at what L.A. could be
and a reminder of what it’s not

– Fred Camino, blogger for Metro’s The Source, on CicLAvia.

for a gallon of gas.
#ciclavia 24/7 please.

– Brad Rehak, CicLAvia spokesperson, in a tweet.

What did you see at CicLAvia? Two more CicLAvias are planned for 2011. The next one happens July 10.

Photos by Siel Ju