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Kumi Naidoo, from the Golden State to Greenland

In the spring, Greenpeace's el jefe de jefes Kumi Naidoo came to Los Angeles, hung out with Hollywood a little, stayed in Beverly Hills. Today he's under police escort in Greenland.

Greenpeace activists have been climbing all over a massive Scotch-owned oil rig in the Arctic Circle called the Leiv Eiriksson for the last month or so. Cairn Energy got an injuction in Dutch court to stop them from messing with their exploration business. The next day, Naidoo went out there himself. He's been detained. He faces a fine and jail time, as does another protester who went with him. 

One of the things Greenpeace has asked for is a plan Cairn Energy's supposed to make for oil spill response, in the event of an emergency. Cairn says it has one but isn't sharin. From what Naidoo is saying, that's not the only concern: the chronic one is a warming climate contributing to Arctic melt, that's left the ecosystem vulnerable.

Greenland's Prime Minister Kupik Kleist defended the drilling. He said the company was operating under Norwegian safety regulations, "the strictest of any country."

The Guardian has audio of Naidoo speaking at the rig. 

I talked to Naidoo in March about US climate politics and his group's campaign for Facebook to modify its energy sourcing policies. You can check that interview out here. 

(Photo courtesy Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace.)