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Morning greens: little earthquakes, bad traffic, & ancient trees

Happy Monday from Pacific Swell - where we've as yet been unable to find a way to make Abby Wambach into an environmental story (though she's probably very energy efficient). U-S-A!

We've had a series of small shakes over the last day or so. Anybody feel the earth move? The Southern California Earthquake Center has the picture worth looking at. The earthquakes - largest magnitude 4 - are clustered inland, near Ocotillo, Imperial County…which leaves us wondering how the large scale energy projects are doing this morning. 

Speaking of wondering, are you curious how President Obama Can reclaim his green cred? The LA Times has an op-ed this morning from Sierra Club national director Michael Brune, who thinks he knows how. Among his four recommendations are serious work on fuel efficiency standards this fall (Brune wants to see a 60 MPG standard by 2025), and support for a strong ozone-limit rule (that's smog to us) delayed for a year and a half in the busy political arena.

Need another reason to steer clear of Carmageddon in t-minus 5 days? Environmental Health News reports on a link between biking in congested traffic and heart health risks. A Canadian study tracked cyclists and found decreased heart rate variability after exposure to hard-working tailpipes. They recommend staying away from heavy traffic - bicyclists, is that even possible?

The LA Times celebrated the weekend with a pilgrimage to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest - one of this reporter's favorite spots on the planet. The travel-section story noted the impacts of climate change up there - more bristlecone pines are sprouting, but they're also competing with pinion pines and junipers.

Your host adds that the guy in the bottom left of the lead picture is her dad...and that KPCC is reporting today on lower Owens River restoration, the first Tra-Pac settlement grant project for harbor-area schools, and the imminent once-through cooling dust-up spanning from City Hall to Sacramento. Stick around!