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If the Metro met LAX: What would it mean for us?

Tell me if you can relate.

Have you ever been stopped on the 405 Freeway a half mile from Sepulveda as you watch your plane take off over your head? (A friend has.) Or have you ever driven in circles trying to find Lot B a mere 45 minutes before take-off? (A neighbor has.)  Or have you ever wrangled one-year-old twins on a shuttle bus stopped in the traffic circle around LAX only to discover you’re five minutes past check-in time and now have to fly stand-by on the next flight – six hours later? (True story, and did we mention the one-year-old twins?)

In Los Angeles, we just want to be able to get to the airport without hassle. Now, it seems like we might.

NBC LA reports that the Metro is examining a connection to LAX. Starting later this month, the agency has scheduled public hearings “to determine how it will connect two light-rail passenger train lines to the airport terminals.” This will include three community workshops to clue in the public about a study examining how to best service the area’s airport.

The city is mulling a few options to improve transportation to the airport, including extending the Metro Rail’s Green Line or adding Bus Rapid Transit ramps.  Click here for a complete list of the workshops. 

Just what would this mean for us? I am lucky enough to live near a Metro station, so I’ve taken public transportation to the airport several times. I do this to help out my carbon footprint before embarking on a jet-fueled airplane, and also because I might have a skewed idea of what’s fun. I walk to the Metro, ride to Union Station, and step onto a Flyaway bus to the airport. It adds about an hour and a half onto my trip and is a great option for a light traveler.

But is this convenient? For travelers hauling extra suitcases, baby strollers, and companions not so enamored with public transport, it is not so fun. One this is certain. Should any of the Metro’s proposed options actually materialize; Angelenos will rejoice with subway tickets and bus rides aplenty.

Image: brewbooks/Flickr