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Top 5 tweets from the National Clean Energy Summit 4.0 about @JerryBrownGov Moonbeam

Back now from the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. 

I think it's easy to forget while in the state of California just how entertaining the loosey-goosey wit and wisdom of Governor Jerry Brown is to those less familiar with his word stylings. But I had the luxury of being in Nevada for the past two days; I'll be bringing you the conference highlights. For now: the best five tweets about the Governor's comments during the NCES panel among Brown, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.

Gregoire said perhaps the most substantive thing, which is that the United States should have a national energy standard - like the ones all three governors' states have established. (In doing so she echoed Energy Secretary Steve Chu, who made the same point earlier in the day.)

But here's the thing: Brown killed it in the room. Without further ado: 

NUMBER FIVE: Always a classic; the political promise. Now recorded for political and Twitterverse posterity. With this one, you had to be there, a little: his raw confidence and ease caused the first shudder of chuckles through the audience at the Aria. 


NUMBER FOUR: Factually correct, a journalist's bread and butter. All encompassing, Ralston's reference to Moonbeam is well-placed; as he also noted, Brown called on both his gubernatorial experience and his Presidential primary successes in Nevada!/RalstonFlash/status/108655065073598465

(TIE) NUMBER TWO AND NUMBER THREE: This got the biggest laugh.!/VegasKate/status/108654345930801153


NUMBER ONE: Tortoise quips were the order of the day for Brown. His combativeness on endangered species issues at conferences I go to is becoming something of a habit; over at UCLA in late July, he pressed me when I asked him a question about desert conservation values in conflict with large-scale renewables. (Define your terms! What are you talking about? What, the raptor or the tortoise or what?) This tweet captures the comedy of Brown AND the truth of his baseline value: which is, he says, that it's all a balance.!/danahull/status/108654738198896640

Not to worry folks; Governor Brown says he had a turtle growing up. He told us that, too, but since I was the only one who tweeted it, I discounted it from the rankings. Point is, does childhood possession of a tortoise count? 


P.S. A BONUS TWEET...comes from Jennifer Palmieri of the Center for American Progress, a co-sponsor of the event. She's referring to a retort to Brown from CAP's John Podesta. Podesta tried to edge into Brown's tortoise routine that he-Podesta spent some time making sure tortoises were protected while he was in DC (working for then-President Bill Clinton).