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George Wolfe rocks the boat on the LA River

George Wolfe - as an activist, an avid kayaker, a participant in these public tours, and as the founder of LA River Expeditions - occupies a unique spot in the cohort of people who are influencing the LA River's fate. He's not a lawyer or a Corpsman or an elected official. His obligations are to himself and to his cause of helping more Angelenos access the river. 

It's worth checking out the documentary Rock the Boat, or, at the very least, the trailer for the film, for more of George's story:

There years ago, Wolfe set out to prove with a small group of people that the Los Angeles River is navigable. They did, which is something I was surprised to hear Carol Armstrong of the City of Los Angeles tout approvingly. Even though the EPA proved George Wolfe right, at the time, in 2008, police and helicopters circled overhead and showed disapproval for the boaters.

George, as I expected, said plenty that I didn't include in the story, so I thought I'd include excerpts from the interview that didn't make it to the radio. They include what has and hasn't surprised him about the river tours so far, what his first epiphany was about the river, and some other stuff. You can hear the excerpts here; the answers aren't edited, except insofar as I left a few out entirely.