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Anna Getty advocates for healthy living in Southern California

Our occasional Q&A on Southern Californians doing green stuff 

Anna Getty promotes a “pure style living,” but she’s not talking about a life of moderation. The mother of two is an environmental advocate, Kundalini Yoga teacher, chef, cookbook author, holistic living educator and co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. Getty, who lives in Hollywood, California, recently spoke with us about her best green tips for a balanced life.

What are your simplest steps to start living a green lifestyle?

First, always carry reusable bags with you whether it is to the grocery store, shoe store, farmer’s market or pharmacy. How great would it be to not contribute to the near trillion plastic bags that are being consumed worldwide each year? has an extensive list of reusable bags. Keep them in your purse, your car, your backpacks, everywhere.

Next, ride yourself of plastic bottled water use. Get a kitchen faucet water filter: they sell them for under $60. Invest in some reusable stainless water bottles. You will save tons of money annually and again not be contributing to landfill.

Finally, pick up a copy or download Elizabeth Roger’s “Shift Your Habit”. This is a wonderful book with lots of ways to save both money and the planet.

When did you first know you were an environmentalist?

I am not sure I want to carry the label of “environmentalist” but I do believe in advocacy. I was raised vegetarian by a hippie mother in San Francisco. I remember weekends at Green Gulch Farm in Marin County, walks among the Redwoods, and collecting stones on Stinson Beach. Although I grew up in the city, that connection to nature has always stayed with me.

You co-founded Pregnancy Awareness Month. How people can get involved in helping women have healthy pregnancies?

Pregnancy Awareness Month is a campaign that assists women in having healthy and happy pregnancies. Every May we celebrate motherhood while simultaneously educating women on how to make more holistic choices during this important time of their lives. You can check our website, follow our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter @pregawareness. Our network of support is growing.

Do you have a green hero?

Last fall at Terra Madre in Torino, Italy, I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Vandana Shiva of India. An advocate for organic farmers around the world, she has spearheaded lawsuits against Monsanto and their seed “patenting” program

Say you could ask a potential presidential candidate one question about the environment. Who would you ask and what would the question be?

I am quite certain that all our politicians are influenced and thwarted by corporate support. Being a Libertarian, I believe that both parties are basically the same. Neither has the vision, strength to break from those ties.