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From the LADWP board meeting, an update on once-through cooling

LADWP's Scattergood Power Plant.
LADWP's Scattergood Power Plant.

Well, 2029 is the year.  

Earlier I wondered whether the DWP was planning to look for more time to end its practice of once-through cooling, using sea water to cool equipment at coastal power plants. The utility's already gotten 9 years past the initial end date for the practice, after a hearing in July at the state water resources control board. I wondered whether DWP was going to use the next meeting of the water board's independent experts on energy and infrastructure, SACCWIS, to push for more time. It seems I misunderstood. 

LADWP chief Ron Nichols says clearly that the DWP is doing 2029 - period. "That is our plan, that is our schedule, and that's what we're moving forward on is that."

You can listen to the discussion of the entire agenda item here. Nichols makes his statement about 3 minutes in, in response to a specific question.