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Song of the Week: Mr. Mister for CEQA & Farmers Field

"There are too many damn regulations, let's be clear about that."
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

One story this week was kind of about how to go faster. Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills that set limits on the timeframe for challenging the quality of environmental review for major projects. They came together fast. SB 292 applies specifically to AEG's Farmers Field project in downtown Los Angeles. AB 900 attempts to set similar speeding-up rules for other big projects.

The decision was a slam dunk for Governor Brown. (As he told a booster-packed crowd, "There are too many damn regulations, let's be clear about that.") But environmental groups are staying skeptical of the long term consequences of speeding up challenges. 

All that means Pacific Swell was looking for a song of hotly debated value about speeding things up. Obviously, then, this week, our song is "Don't Slow Down," by Mr. Mister. 

Just for giggles, I like to imagine the backers of projects worth $100 million or more and the AEG team singing the verse to the bills-now-laws helping them along.

I look into your eyes

I see the dream that I've been searching for

I'll search no more

The age of innocence is never truly spent when there is love

Still there to touch

The chorus, of course, can refer to the environmental review process outlines in the California Environmental Quality Act. 

So don't slow down

the wheels are turning

the fire's burning in us now

Don't slow down

don't lose the magic

we've come too far to turn back now

Don't slow down!

Some people love Mr. Mister, and some people do not. So it is with fixing the CEQA process. Gonna take a little more time for history to cast its verdict on both, I think. 

Don't slow down!

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