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Vive l'environnement! The plan to turn the Eiffel Tower green


There are few monuments in the world as recognizable or popular as Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

French urban planning consultancy Ginger wants to capitalize on that notoriety to make a really, really big environmental statement. The plans, leaked to the public by France’s Le Figaro newspaper, detail how to cover the Tower with upwards of 600,000 plants in soil-filled hemp sacks and an ambitious irrigation system to create the world’s largest vertical garden.  

While the cost of the project clocks in at a cool $97 million, the upside is just as great: the wall of vegetation would remove an estimated 87.8 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, making it a “green lung” for the city.

“Our objective is to enhance the structure, not ruin it.” Ginger said in a statement. “We want to turn an emblem of the industrial past into a beacon of the sustainable future… "Should it not be the duty of engineers to imagine a new future where nature is brought back into the heart of the city?”

Purists can rest easy: the non-permanent structure would be removed after a few years of service.