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Welcome to the plastic beach

There’s a lot to be said for found art. Credited to French Surrealist Marcel Duchamp as the originator, found art allows what would otherwise be clogging a landfill somewhere find new life – the very essence of recycling.

Given California’s proliferation of shoreline, Richard and Judith Selby Lang’s ongoing Beach Plastic project will never be at a loss for source material, which is actually kind of sad.

The northern California couple comb Kehoe Beach, which is part of Point Reyes National Shoreline, itself part of a national park. From just the plastic debris they find washed up on the beach (not discarded by visitors), they craft intricate, whimsical pieces like the one pictured above, “Mickey’s Monkey”. It’s part of a 50-piece series that’s on display in the form of large-scale prints at the Electric Works gallery in San Francisco.

“Our love of nature is combined with our interest in science to produce an on-going series of art works about the oceans and the environment,” they announce on their website. “While the content of our work has a message about the spoiling of the natural world by the industrial world, our final intent is aesthetic and celebratory.”