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San Jose among '10 Sustainable Cities To Watch'

Everyone loves a list. Ranking, rating, arranging – there’s something about putting things in a neat, numerical sequence to bring a little sense of order to the world.

The start of a new year is always a great time to make lists. Having already categorized the year that was, now is when we start looking forward and making predictions of what is yet to come. Which is why I was excited to peruse environmental blog Triple Pundits list of the 10 Sustainable Cities to Watch in 2012.

It’s an exotic list that spans the globe, including Doha, Qatar, and Accra, Ghana. It’s so much so that only two American cities make the list: my beloved Detroit, MI and our very own neighbors in San Jose, CA. Focusing on the city’s light rail system and robust Green Vision Goals, they term San Jose “one of the greenest, cleanest and safest cities in the USA.” (The blog also a point to call L.A.’s sustainability a miserable failure). 

Well done, San Jose. Just don’t let it go to your head.