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New agreement reduces toxic chemicals in California

Visuals Unlimited, Inc./Marc Epstein/Getty Images/Visuals Unlimited

There’s no news like good news, and this definitely qualifies as good news. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control and the EPA have gotten together to sign an agreement calling for “safer alternatives to toxic chemicals in everyday products”, something we can all feel good about.

The agreement also covers creating new job and business opportunities as a result of these alternative measures.

“This is a major step in protecting Californians from unnecessary chemicals in everyday consumer products,” DTSC’s Director Debbie Raphael said via press release. “The innovative spirit of this partnership also signals that government agencies can pool resources in a challenging fiscal environment to better serve the public.”

We’re getting it bad enough from the greenhouse gasses – it would be nice to see some relief in the form of less scary stuff in our reusable cups or whatever…