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Eco-cage match: California Energy Commission vs. the electric vampires

It what sounds like one surreal eco-horror flick, the state of California’s Energy Commission has declared war on “vampire” chargers that greedily suck electricity and drive up utility bills. Citing the statistic that up some chargers waste up to 60% of the electricity they consume, I can’t stop glaring at my cable box. But I digress.

California is actually the first state to adopt such measures, with the Commission voting 3-0 to lay the smack down on said charging units, even amidst the expected objections including some from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Given the number of chargeable devices that currently litter our lifestyles, it’s a move that’s right one time, if not overdue.

The new regulations (which require the products consume less energy while providing the same services) kick in on February 1, 2013, and are projected to save enough energy annually to power a city the size of Bakersfield, not to mention a whopping $306 million for ratepayers.