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Sustainable L.A. after dark: Eco-barhopping with Riding Green

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

There’s a famous scene in the movie Swingers where Vince Vaughn and his entourage head out for a night of partying. The punch line comes when each guy hops in a different car to caravan towards the evening’s debauchery.

16 years after the release of Swingers, and L.A. is still notorious for congestion (among the worst in the country) and too many cars with just one passenger. It’s environmentally crushing, and becomes deadly on the roads when alcoho factors into the situation (which it does far too often).

Thankfully, the progressive party people of grassroots L.A. organization Riding Green are on the case. With a mission of encouraging more people to utilize public transportation when barhopping around town, they partner with different bars to create incentives. Specifically, discounts with proof of public transportation. Less stress on the environment and your wallet – everybody wins!

Promoting the latest deals on their homepage, Riding Green is actively recruiting more businesses to get involved on their website. They also feature a host of upcoming local events and updates with an informative Sustainable News page.

With the weekend upon us, we salute Riding Green and their efforts for a safer, greener city in which to live and party. Cheers!